JAPANESE MINI TRUCK April, 1964 Daihatsu Hi-Jet Cab with a wheelbase of 178 cm, a 356 cc engine under the front seat and available as a (low deck) pickup.
The first Honda 4-wheel Kei truck was introduced in August, 1963 as Honda T360, later called a Honda Acty a pickup with a wheelbase of 200 cm and a solid rear axle with leaf springs. The engine located under the floor was 354 cc.
In September, 1964 the Honda T500 Keitruck was added with a 531 cc engine and a length of 319 cm. engine located under the floor was 354 cc.
In May, 1968 arrived the second generation Kei trucks the Daihatsu Hijet. The wheel base now 168cm. It had oblong front headlites and heavy front and rear wheel overhang. The export models were called Daihatsu 360 Cab kei truck.
September, 1971 the third generation of Daihatsu Hijet keitruck. The minitrucks looked much brighter than before with rounded lines, also round headlamps. In April, 1976 a 547 cc engine became available and the length of these vehicles was 304/309 cm. Export models were Daihatsu 360 minitruck.
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