Mini Truck History

West Shore Auto was founded in 2005 after a trip to Japan. The owner loved the little kei truck as they are called in Japan. Mini trucks are used as a regular pick up truck with a capacity of 780lbs nearly a half ton. The trucks are made by Suzuki, Daihatsu, Mitsubishi, Honda, Subaru and Mazda. It was inevitable that a good source for mini truck parts would be needed and West Shore Auto was keen on becoming the main parts source for the Japanese mini truck. A network of business partners brought together the foundation as it stands today, with a variety of parts being available through the online store the website runs 24 hours a day catering to the on and off road 4x4 enthusiasts. Unlike an ATV or UTV the small truck has an enclosed heated cab with wipers. Some models have air conditioning and optional power steering. Mini trucks are capable of going many places that full size pick up trucks have a hard time traveling. The total weight is less than 1500lbs and with the mid mounted engine so low in the frame, it gives the truck a very low center of gravity and great traction. Many owners have installed lift kits and mounted ATV wheels and tires to allow a choice of travel on rougher terrain. A snow plow can be added to a front mounted hitch receiver allowing snow to be pushed forward or off to the side. West Shore Auto Ltd has sold over 500 Japanese Mini Trucks and many of these have been serviced at their location. With a large inventory of parts in stock ready to be shipped throughout North America check out the online store or give a call at 250-590-4659