Mitsubishi Minicab

The Mitsubishi minicab was available in Japan as a right hand drive and manufactured in the USA as a left hand drive. The early models we powered by a 3 cylinder water cooled 550cc engine, the 3G81. The Model code is U14T, U15T, U18T, U19T. The later Mitsubishi Minicab had a 660cc 3cylinder engine the 3G83 and could be found in the U41T, U42T, U61T and U62T. Most Mitsubishi mini trucks had a Carburetor, the later trucks had fuel injection. The engine was a mid placement with a transmission and transfer case behind. The front suspension had independent struts and two CV axles with front disc brakes and rear drum brakes. The water pump was mounted so that the attached fan blade could cool the radiator. We recommend that the Timing belt be replaced and the water pump at the same time. These little trucks need clean air and fuel filters, it is a good idea to change the spark plugs, distributor cap and rotor along with the plug wire set. It is not uncommon to see a minicab with a 2" lift kit and ATV wheels with off road tires mounted. The rear drive shaft u joint does not have a grease fitting and wears out in time. We stock a replacement drive shaft Ujoint with a grease fitting so it will last longer. The front disc brake pads wear out faster than the rear brake shoes. If you need a Part for your Mitsubishi Minicab Mini Truck we are here to help all the Mitsubishi Minicab Parts you may need today and in the near future.

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Mitsubishi Minicab Upper Radiator Rad Hose Kit U42
Mitsubishi Minicab Upper Radiator Rad Hose Kit U42 ..
55.00 USD
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