Suzuki Carry

The Suzuki Carry mini truck and mini van can be seen in many different Countries. They are available in Japan as right hand drive and left hand drive in other places. The Early pick up an van had a 3 cylinder water cooled 550cc engine the F5A. The later trucks had a carbureted 660cc 3 cylinder water cooled engine the F6A. The newest truck uses a 600cc K6A engine. The Suzuki Carry uses independent front strut suspension with CV axles in front on the 4x4 and a solid rear axle on the pick up trucks. We recommend that the timing belt and tensioner be replaced as well as the water pump at the same time. These mini truck engines are an interference type and if the timing belt breaks while the engine is running  the pistons will bend the engine valves. The most common Suzuki Carry Parts are tune up items like the distributor cap and distributor rotor, fuel oil and air filters. As the trucks age it is a good idea to change the spark plugs and the spark plug wire set. Some mini trucks with many miles on them will need front wheel bearings and wheel seals replaced. You might see a Suzuki Carry mini truck on a farm with ATV tires and a lift kit. You might see one on the street as they are quite economical to drive. The newer Suzuki Carry mini truck had front disc brakes with front brake pads, and rear drum brakes with rear brake shoes. You may want to lift the dust cover on your rear brake wheel cylinders to check for brake fluid leaking. We stock a rear wheel cylinder repair kit and a front brake caliper repair kit. Some customers choose to buy an engine rebuild kit that allows them to refurbish there engine. The engine rebuild kit for the suzuki carry includes Valve cover gasket, engine valve stem seals, intake and exhaust gaskets, head gasket, cam and crank seals, a set of standard piston rings and connecting rod bearings and main bearings. The kit also includes a new water pump, timing belt and timing belt tensioner. All the parts for your mini truck that you will ever need and more.

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Suzuki Carry Windshield DC51 DD51
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