Daihatsu Hijet

The Daihatsu Hijet Mini Truck was available in Japan as a right hand drive pick up truck or a van. The USA version was a left hand drive model. The body codes for the Hijet are S65, S70, S75, S80P, S80LP, S81P, S81LP, S82P, S83P, S100P, S110P, S200P, S210P. The van models used the letter V in place of the P in the model code. The Early Hijet truck and vans had a 2 cylinder engine the AB. Later it was switched to a 550cc 3 cylinder carbureted water cooled EB engine. The most recent engine is the EF Fuel injected engine. The transmission could be a 2 wheel drive or 4x4, in standard or automatic. It is very common for the Hijet to need a new timing belt, it is  recommend that the water pump be replaced a the same time. A mechanical fuel pump pulled the fuel from the gas tank to the carburetor. If the truck sat, with out being used for some time, the internal valve will crack and the fuel pump with fail. The first Hijet mini truck was fitted with front drum brakes. Later trucks were made with a front disc brake system with front brake pads. All of the Hijet pick ups and Vans were fitted with rear drum brakes. The front suspension has a strut assembly with coil springs. Performance and heavy replacement front coil springs are available. The front steering knuckle is connected to the front differential in the 4x4 Hijet Pick up, by two front CV axles. The CV joint can be damaged when the front CV boot has been cracked for too long and not replaced. The front and rear drive shafts are connected between the transmission and front differential and rear end assembly. The u joint in the drive shaft can dry out and become loose. At this time it is reccomended that the u-joint be replaced with new ones. We sell u joints that have a grease fitting, this way the truck owner can grease the joint and it will last longer. If you need a Part for your Daihatsu Hijet you have found the parts source.

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Minitruck 4 Alloy Wheels 13x5 4x110 plus Center Caps
Minitruck 4 Alloy Wheels 13x5 4x110 plus Center Caps ..
595.00 USD
Minitruck 4 Alloy Wheels 13x5 4x115 plus Center Caps
Minitruck 4 Alloy Wheels 13x5 4x115 plus Center Caps ..
595.00 USD
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